About us

About us

Sun of lraq center for relief and crisis management.

MEMBERSHIP non-governmental organization aimed at relief to the displaced and crisis management taking place in Iraq through the field and awareness processors

Our goals

  • Iraqi civil society development.
  • Prepare effective plans in the field of humanitarian relief when disasters and crises in coordination with the relevant government departments to occur.
  • Embrace the creators and activists in the field of sustainable
  • development and the provision of appropriate opportunities for them to be the core of the center and part of the participants in achieving its objectives.
  • Open horizons of cooperation with national, regional and international organizations.
  • Definition of the international community to the suffering of the Iraqi people and the suffering of the crises and terrorism through the studies and statistics so special.
  • Supporting women through the development of scientific and cultural competence and involvement in various fields.
  • Work to take advantage of all available resources when disasters and crises, including reducing the impact on those groups.
  • Work on the relief to the displaced and to help the poor, orphans and needy families.
  • . Create a culture of peaceful coexistence among the Iraqi society
    Help people with special needs and those affected by crises, natural and political, social and accidents.

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