Hbabi participates in the meeting held by the Atlantic Council

Ms. Nahla Hbabi president of the center participated in place meeting by the Atlantic Council and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftank German Foundation in the organization’s headquarters and was the first axis of the meeting is to listen to the Turkmen delegation by international experts from all over the world in the team, “the special task order the future of Iraq “and the meeting was chaired by the former US ambassador,” Rowen Crocker. ”
Ms. Hababi Turning to the suffering of the Turkmen and their tragedies, particularly the marginalization of their presence within the political equation is true in Baghdad and the regions of contending in the Iraqi constitution, which led them to be a weak in the areas of their presence militarily and economically, administratively and make them as minorities for the same reason the place targeted by terrorist and extremist groups.

She discussed with the conferees a number of points including:
1. Emphasize the unity of Iraq and support the presence of the government strongly in field of security and Administration, economy and public services in the disputed areas.
2-The issue of necessity Laws that ensure non-recurrence of any future massacres against the minorities of Turkmen by establishing a new law for new governorate such as Tel Afar and Tuz .Besides the issue of new law which save the human rights of the Turkmen and amending legislation to remove any negative paragraphs that hurt Turkmen minorities inserted such as the disputed areas, which weakened the existence of the government in those areas.
3-The necessity to strengthen and support the popular crowd because our regions contributed significantly to the protection of Turkmen and roll converted into a security institution.
4- The necessity of the existence of the United Nations and its offices in Turkmen areas and effectively and impartially to address the crisis.
5-Rehabilitation support to the Turkmen liberated areas infrastructure and human resources (Amerli -tall-Bashir).
6-support of the Iraqi Parliament to give a parliamentary quota for Turkmen in Iraq according to their percentage of at least (7-10%) according to the old statistics of the Ministry of Planning to ensure a true representation of them in the country.