Head of the center visiting Minnesota in usa

During her presence in the United States ,the head of the center visited Minnesota state and met with Ms. Peggy Flanagan member US congress and Chancellor Ariella Tilden the consultant in the state Minnesota, where they discussed the overall issues concerning the liberated areas, particularly the development of youth and women’s capabilities through give them an additional role in multiple aspects of Education to be the nucleus of society and the future generation in the leadership of the country along with their job in the Turkmen regions and Tal Afar in particular. Ms. Lauren manly US State Department coordinator was present in the whole meetings that focused on various levels to the issues of the region and the programs that Turkmen regions and the city of Tal Afar, need particular services and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure and how to help them to avoid the ideas planted by ISIS criminal groups in the minds of children, women and incite them to murder and spread sedition among the people of the country during their control of the cities they occupied and took the children and women as prisoners .