Head of the center poses a turkmen problem in tal Afar, in the US Institute of Peace

Ms. Nahla Hussein head of the center,disscussed the issue of Turkmen and especially the people of Tal Afar, in the US Institute of Peace ,by the first day , she talk in general about Iraq’s provinces while on the second day have been talking about the development of the Turkmen in general and the status of Tal Afar, region she presented in which she submitted a special program for the people of Tal Afar to resolve conflicts and to support children and young people and to compensate the victims of terrorism who were martyred in defense of Tal Afar.
The program also included suggestions to provide support for young people and interest in the sport program and support women, widows and victims of terrorism as well as the treatment of patients outside of Iraq and to provide scholarships to the students in Tal Afar, especially outside of Iraq and the training of cadres.
The visit comes ,because Ms. Nahla Alhbabi was selected to represent the Iraqi Turkmen in the international visitor program, organized by the United States all the expenses of program.