Hbabi visiting Rights Watch and meet responsible Iraqi affairs

During her presence in New York, the head of the Center Ms. Nahla Hussein visited Human Rights Watch and met Ms. Bilqis responsible and researcher in Iraq, the Middle East and North Africa Department, focused talk at this meeting for Nineveh province in general and Tal Afar, in particular regarding the prepare a detailed report with a high level of transparency depends on the collection of information with high accuracy, especially young people who work different organizations of the citizens of the city, and not rely on people outside the city to the fact that they reflect a clear picture of what is going inside the city , and trying to discredit the security forces and the people crowd to achieve victories on the battlefield , and their dealings with the people of the liberated areas. the head of the center explained the fact-finding information that reaches them by some who do not want stability in the region, also demanded fact-finding for the displaced families, particularly families of the victims who have lost loved ones as a result of terrorist acts against innocent people and violations suffered by the people of Turkmen areas such as Tal Afar and make recommendations about it to the UN Security Council.