Head of the Center inspect residential complexes and Shiite mosques for displaced people in the Central Euphrates provinces.

Ms. Nahla Hbabi head of the center performed a site visit to displaced families from the province of Nineveh (Telaffar& Ninawa valley), where the tour started by the holy city of Karbala, Shiite mosques and caravan compound within the geographical area of the province. Hbabi listened to the problems and sufferings of the displaced families and promised to deliver their suffering to the official authorities and to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that stand in front of them.
The major problems were focused on the lack of allocations and possibilities allocated to the compound school as well as a shortage of teaching staff and supplies necessary of text books and seats in addition to shortage of electricity in the national grid and the shortage of fuel oil to supply the generators, which reflects negatively on the citizens of the few operating hours either during the day or night.
Then she visited the Shiite mosques on the way between Karbala and Najaf, and especially the families of the martyrs .then visited the province of Najaf (IDPs caravan complex at the entrance to the city and looked at the most prominent problems including the lack of clean water, potable water and the lack of a secondary school for the stages, students are forced to enroll in schools inside province which present additional suffer from the extra expenses with the difficult living conditions as a result of displacement. She also listened to other problems in particularly to each family and to try to contribute to solve them as much as possible.
On the second day she performed a visit to the province of Diwaniyah, accompanied by MP Huda Sajjad committee member parliamentary services, which went along with Ms. Hbabi to a number of Shiite mosques and places in which a huge numbers of IDPs from Ninewa were placed , listening to their suffering and seek to resolve with official authorities Later she went to the residential complex (apartments) in the province of Diwaniyah, met with some of the displaced families in the complex and listen to the most prominent and the most important problems they face.
Then the visit ended in Wasit province, specifically in NUMANIYA area and met a number of displaced families there and gave them cash assistance . The fact was that most organizations did not reach them because of the far location from the city center.
In the end of the tour the head of center visited the complex in the province of Babylon, in which she met a number of IDPs families and sat down with them ,listened to dozens of citizens who provided an explanation for their suffering, particularly the exorbitant electricity fees ranging that they have to pay monthly which variety from half a million Iraqi Dinars to 800 thousand ID per month, promising to to find a solution to this problem in such a circumstance. Head of center was greeted and welcomed with high hospitality by families in all regions visited by the locals with high respect.